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La Maison Val Thorens’ story began in 2012. With a good chunk of experience and a little dash of madness, we decided to create a restaurant that reflected who we are. We are Fabien Barrau and Romain Bastide and we’re delighted to welcome you.

To design our menu, we chose to work with chef Cyril Attrazic, who has a Michelin star for his restaurant in Aumont-Aubrac. On a day-to-day basis, our kitchen team works under the supervision of chef Eric Darut, giving it their all to ensure your satisfaction.

We bear the Maître Restaurateur title. The only title endorsed by the state, it guarantees homemade cuisine made using fresh, raw produce, and low food miles.

Lastly, we want to offer quality produce with origins we know and trust. That’s why we’ve forged strong connections with each of our producers and farmers:

– Boucherie Conquet, Laguiole (12)
– Boucherie Agri Viande, Cassagnes-Bégonhès (12)
– Ferme des volailles D’Alice, Cantal (15)
– Ferme des Cazalous, Puyjourdes (46)
– Ferme de Loïc Dupieux, la Cayroulie, Onet-le-château (12)
– Boix Primeur, Moûtiers (73)
– Coopérative Laitière de Tarentaise, (73)
– Ferme Guillaume Rudelle, Raunaguet (12)
– Ferme de Lariès, Cassagnes-Bégonhès (12)
– Huile d’olive de Calamata, Chris et Olive, Grèce

From now on, you’re also part of our ongoing story, so we’d like to wish you a fantastic experience. Enjoy your meal!